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Should you do what the banks do or do what they tell you to do?


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How come the banks aren't putting their money in an ISA/IRA? 


They are putting your money into gold and making 10% a year on it and giving you 1% or less - Best scam on earth!

If the banks go down that gold is not linked to customer accounts so it won't help us one bit. Clever eh! Plus they have dropped the amount we are covered for this year..(did you notice), taken the word sterling off bank of England notes.. and paperless three month billing so we have no records as proof we had anything in there if we get hacked..(nothing to do with polar bears! ) You couldn't make it up!

I don't want there to be, but there is another crash coming and they are preparing so that we lose out and they don't.

You should too.


IMF Warning  

Even the IMF are warning that a global financial crash is looming! If they are trying to tell people it can only be to cover their own backs... 


Read the article here:  

We can't force people to get on the ark but we can at least tell them its raining!

Where can you get gold at a better price?  

I have just bought and had delivered some cashgold. A 1g card is just €40 / $45 / £35 now with free storage or Fedex delivery! (See my parcel below) 


There is no reason that I know of that should stop people buying gold from KARATBARS today...  


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