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Now you can transfer any amount to anyone anywhere and without any delay and absolutely without any fees at al.

You just use the KaratPay APP:

As the wise person you are you have every week or every month placed say 5% - 10% of your salery in gold at your Karatbars account.

Why is it wise to place part of your salery at Karatbars account?

That is because you then know they will not be eaten up by inflation, but at least keep up with it so you are not the one loosing buying power.

It is also wise because you can then very fast and easy use the different facilities Karatbars have for you. You can make payments from person to person without any fees. You can convert your gold to Fiat when you need it. You can buy Cryptocoins at our Exchange at favorable price. Soon you can also use our Blockchain Phone  and Karatbars ATM Machines.

If you not already have the KaratPay app on your phone you can get it on

AppleAPPstore         or        GoogleAPP

Karatpay_phone   Comp_10

Now you are ready to use our services.

Just move gold from your Karatbars account to your KaratPay wallet and you are ready to go.

Just remember that when you buy gold you are just transferring your Fiat funds to Gold so you fight inflation and keep your buying power.


So you don't end up like this:



Happy transferring