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Karat Merchant

 Privacy is the new Order


Karat Merchant   


The Karat Merchant payment system will be like Applepay or Googlepay but better because it allows the vendor to accept Cryptocurrency and gold.  


It can be opened on any andorid, ios device or pos terminal and will have a plugin for online sellers.   


It is also unlike any other crypto payment solution already out there because the vendor can choose to convert the Crypto or gold to fiat/cash instantly if they do not want to be affected by the volatility of crypto.  


Karat merchant does not affect the vendors cashflow in any way and the fees will be much lower than Visa, Mastercard, Google, Apple etc!  This is what makes it a risk free crypto option for the store!  



Oh.. and it can handle ... Three Trillion in transactions per day! 


Karat Merchant


How to get hold of  Karat Merchant


To be able to get the Karat Merchant you just need a few steps:


  1. Go to and open an affiliate account - it's free to get the account.
  2. When you are in you need to follow a few steps so the company can see you are a real legit person.
  3. Follow the instructions in there as it is very well instructed and easy to do.
  4. When duly registered you can start your ordering. 


Privacy is the new Order